Riverstone by Forest River Selects TravlFi Journey XTR

By Pace International

Feb 15, 2023

Riverstone by Forest River Selects JourneyXTR from TravlFi as 4G/LTE Router and Wi-Fi Extender Standard in 5th Wheel RVs this Year

Rochester, MN (February 15, 2023) – Pace International announced today that it is partnering with Riverstone by Forest River to deliver TravlFi internet connectivity as a standard feature on the company’s luxury 5th wheel RV units. The JourneyXTR 4G/LTE Router and Wi-Fi Extender from TravlFi™, a Pace-owned brand, provides connectivity with a built-in multi-carrier 4G/LTE hotspot and pay as you go data plans, as well as public and private Wi-Fi network access, via a single device.

“We are proud to work with Riverstone to outfit their newest luxury 5th wheel RVs with a TravlFi solution,” said Sam Schell, SVP of Business Development, Pace International. “High-speed internet access is a service that everyone has really come to depend on.”

Hitting the market in early 2023, the JourneyXTR provides multi-carrier high-speed internet service, automatically identifying and connecting to the strongest available signal from the nation’s top cellular data providers in a given area, while allowing customers to only pay a single bill for data through TravlFi. The benefit to Riverstone customers is that they will have the best possible LTE internet service wherever their travels take them. The technology built into TravlFi products constantly monitors internet connectivity and seamlessly switches to the best service in the area, without the customer needing to do anything. Flexible pay as you go data plans offer up to 800 GB/month, so Riverstone customers won’t have to worry about running out of data.

“We are excited to partner with TravlFi to deliver the best multi-carrier internet connectivity solution to our customers, with a JourneyXTR 4G/LTE Router and Wi-Fi Extender in every luxury 5th wheel RV,” said Nick Simeri, Sales Manager, Riverstone. “Wherever your journey takes you, Riverstone by Forest River owners will now be better connected to home, friends and family, and top-rate entertainment options.”

The combination of the cellular hotspot and Wi-Fi router/extender technology offers a very flexible solution for connectivity while on the road. The JourneyXTR is simple to activate by calling the Pace call center, or online through a customer portal. All products are backed by TravlFi’s remote support through their call center located in Rochester, Minnesota, open seven days a week, year-round.

Learn more: https://www.paceintl.com/mobile/travlfi

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